I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 11.45.14 AMI don’t even want to think about can’t really remember what it was like before the existence of our wonderful online school counseling community. It’s hard to believe that I used to have to “go it alone” and am not quite sure how I actually survived it. It was a lot lonelier, that’s for sure! It’s so great to know that there are people out there who understand what I’m experiencing, who know what it’s like in the school counseling trenches, and who encourage and inspire me to keep going when things are hard. I learn so much from all of you – from your helpful suggestions, comments, and the questions that really make me think. (more…)

Extreme School Counseling

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 2.32.25 PMAs a school counselor with seventeen years of experience, I can tell you: It does get easier, but it never stops being hard. I’d like to say that my month-long absence from the blogosphere was because I was on a fabulous around-the-world voyage, but in actuality I’ve been off on a storm-tossed odyssey unlike anything I’ve experienced in my entire career. You know that critical issues class you take in grad school that covers just about everything that can go wrong for kids and families? It was like that, except for real, and squished into the space of three weeks instead of scheduled into tidy, interesting presentations over the course of a semester. Whew!


After the Storm: Helping Students and Colleagues (and Yourself)

Those who are dealing with the physical, financial, and emotional aftermath of Hurricane Sandy face a long struggle, with many months, perhaps even years, of unwanted changes and unforeseen hurdles. The challenge of clean-up and recovery is daunting, but not impossible. Here in my community, rebuilding from Tropical Storm Irene, which devastated many parts of Vermont, is still underway. There was quite a bit of anxiety as Sandy approached. The trauma experienced 14 months ago was on the minds of many; for some the trauma was retriggered. Thankfully, we escaped the worst of it this time, but not everyone was so lucky. (more…)

Quiet Reflection: Getting Ready by Doing Nothing

I start back to school in one week. Wait, did I ever actually leave school this summer? I’ve got a ton of stuff to do to get ready, not to mention all the home things that are still on my summer to-do list, but I’m going to set all that aside, and do something I think will help me be even more ready – nothing. I am unplugging – no computer, iPad, phone, TV – for a week. Of course, it’s hard not to get a little unplugging anxiety, but I’m concentrating on what I know will be bliss – uninterrupted time with my family, a big pile of books, and the beauty of nature.

Yesterday, an article called The Empathy Paradox: Mastering Empathy for Others Begins with Knowing Yourself landed in my inbox. Perfect timing! It’s a lovely, thought provoking essay about the importance – and benefits – of slowing down, reflecting, and quieting yourself.

Yes, this meditative picture was taken in Vermont. No, I don’t work for the tourism department, although I highly recommend you visit here some time. But no matter where we are, there’s always beauty all around us.

I hope you too can find a way to take some time for yourself, even if your school has already started. You deserve it! ♥

See you soon!

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