Michelle Obama Speaks To and For School Counselors

Michelle Obama Speaks To and For School Counselors
Photo credit: ASCA

Photo credit: ASCA

Here it is! Your chance to see the First Lady thanking and clapping for you on this video of Michelle Obama speaking at ASCA14! One of the most exciting experiences in my career was being in the audience for Michelle Obama’s speech about school counselors and the work we do. It was (and still is, thanks to video) engaging, moving, and so, so validating! The ASCA staff clearly did a great job of making sure that the First Lady and her staff understood what daily life is like for school counselors and how much our students need us. I laughed, cried, and was simply amazed that this was happening. I think you will be too.

Sharing this video with your administrators, other counselors, leaders, and teachers in your district, and your state agency/department of education is a great way to advocate for more support for school counseling, your students, and yourself. (For tips on easy advocacy, see A is for #ASCA14, and Also for Advocacy.) Share it with your family and friends too, so they can get a sense of what you do everyday and how important your work is! Most of all, enjoy! You deserve it!

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