Role Models – On Paper!

Here’s a creative way to share career information – paper dolls of a civil engineer, construction manager, emergency responders, and chemists, complete with accessories like blueprints, laptop, oxygen mask, Bunsen burner, and career related attire – lab coat, clean room suit, helmets, and noise-protection earmuffs!

The project Paper Dolls for My Daughter was developed by Hannah Holt, an engineer, children’s book author, illustrator, blogger, and mom. Hannah decided to create these paper dolls in an effort to inspire girls and women to consider careers in science, technology, and other fields that have more traditionally been considered appropriate for men. As a student and new professional, Hannah experienced her share of negative comments about her career choice, and she wants to “change the conversation” about what is possible for girls. (Read more about her story here, and check out her other nifty ideas at her blog, Lightbulb Books.)

Each page features two characters and descriptions of what they do on the job. The characters are all girls, but boys will find them fascinating too. They can be used as paper dolls or as illustrations – either way, they will invite careful examination. Hannah has plans to create more characters, and invites requests. I asked her if she would consider a neuroscientist (learning about the brain is a BIG deal at my school) and she added that exciting career to her list! You can download PDFs here.


I’m really looking forward to using these paper dolls in my career lessons – maybe as inspiration for kids to create their own paper dolls/illustrations (including work accessories and tools) of careers they’re interested in. I’d love to hear your ideas about using them!

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  1. What about career avatars?

  2. Thanks for the review, Rebecca. Your website looks like a wonderful resource!



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