The Counseling Geek vs. The Curse of the Internet

I am incredibly lucky to live in a lovely, peaceful spot in Vermont, and really the only downside (other than Mud Season, which is exactly like it sounds) is the unreliable access we have to Internet and cell phone coverage. It works most of the time, but sometimes . . . Yesterday I had a 1:00 appointment to talk, via Skype, to Jeff from The Counseling Geek about how I use technology in my counseling program. At 12:56, – poof! – the Internet connection disappeared. Plan B – use my phone. Jeff Skyped in and I moved to the spot outside where we tend to get the best coverage . . . Suffice it to say that my cell coverage dropped to one bar, and technological difficulties ensued. Jeff managed the technology and I scurried around my house until I found the one little corner that had two bars, and we finished the interview. Jeff was a great model for how to manage frustration!

And he helps others manage their frustration too, by sharing tech tips and clear explanations of how different tools can be used, in his blog, The Counseling Geek! Check it out – Jeff has definitely helped me feel more confident about using technology.

Jeff the Counseling Geek successfully outmagic-ed the Curse of the Internet (problem solving on the fly = school counselor reality), and completed the video of the interview. Wait til you see his cool intro! There are a few wonky moments during the one-bar stretch – if you’ve ever wondered what I would look like if my face was melting off of my skull, you’re in luck –  but it gets better after a bit. This is the second interview in a series that Jeff is doing with school counselors and counselor educators about how they use technology. Here’s how I use it:


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